Our packaging choices are the tangible result of our reflection and research over the years, which has led us to choose to package our products in 100% recycled plastic.

This solution allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions to a minimum, in particular when it comes to transportation, when compared to other materials with the same capabilities. It also allows us to use materials coming from renewable sources and virtuous sources of recycling, and to sort and reuse packaging at the end of the product’s life, in the spirit of a circular economy - something we are strong supporters of. An example? Our bottles are made by recycling food-grade plastic bottles.

Plastic is only harmful to the environment when it is disposed of in the wrong way.

This is why Insight actively promotes virtuous cycles that have a positive impact on the planet, fuelling conscious behaviours of waste differentiation and recycling, with the aim of reducing the problematic practices that lead to microplastics being released into the ecosystem as much as possible.

NOT all plastics are equal, and below we will tell you about the ones we have chosen, using the analytical method of Life Cycle Assessment, which calculates the environmental footprint of a material based on its life cycle.

Our bottles were designed by us. They feature embossed words that express our philosophy, our approach to cosmetics and our lifestyle.


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a lightweight and durable polyester which possesses an excellent profile from the viewpoint of environmental sustainability thanks to its infinite recycling possibilities. As it is a thermoplastic, it is transformed by heat and can be easily reshaped, again and again. This feature of PET makes it completely recyclable, transformable into rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate). Once it has been correctly sorted, it can be reused to produce more plastic bottles, for energy recovery, or for the production of other commonly used objects.


All caps of Insight jars are made of 100% recycled PP (Polypropylene).


We have chosen bioplastic for our tubes and their labels. This is a biobased polyethylene (PE), produced from a renewable source: sugar cane. 


All labels for Insight products in bottles or jars are made from a material with a minimum recycled PET resin content of 25%. 

When it comes to our labels, we have joined the RafCycle® program, which works to recover waste material from labelling.

RafCycle® is an upcycling program that recovers the rolls from adhesive labels, destined for incineration or disposal in landfills, and transforms them into new materials. This process reduces the amount of waste to be disposed of in landfills, and offers advantages to printers, packagers and other operators in the supply chain. Thanks to a technologically advanced process, the rolls of siliconised backing paper are recovered and sent for recycling at the UPM paper mill, to be transformed into new cellulose.

Only essential packaging: our products are packaged without boxes.

Insight has chosen to limit secondary packaging as much as possible, and this is why all our haircare and bodycare products come without cardboard boxes.