Our Summer Tips


Summer can put a strain on even the most resistant hair, especially if they are long, colored or dry. However, there are some tricks to follow to preserve the health of your hair, thus avoiding to cut to recover the damage!

Here are some Insight tips for what to do during the summer to take care of your hair.

1. Use a protective spray…

... like the Protective hair spray of the Insight Antioxidant line. Carry it always with you, at the beach or the pool, to keep your hair always tidy, hydrated and protected from sunlight, wind or salt. You can also use it in the city, to protect yourself from the sun, but also from atmospheric pollution.

2. Always rinse your hair with fresh water…

.... after each dive in the sea or in the swimming pool. It’s an essential gesture to remove salt or chlorine from the hair fiber. Once home, use specific shampoos that eliminate any residue: for example the Rejuvenating or the Nourishing Shampoo, in case of very dry hair.

3. If you have colored hair, use specific products…

... to preserve and protect the color: for example the Shampoo and Protective Conditioner of the Colored Hair line, able to prolong and sublimate the brightness of the color, preventing fading or discharging too much.

4. Let your hair dry naturally…

... without using the hairdryer. It’s also advisable to reduce the use of the plate or iron as much as possible. The heat of these accessories could weaken the structure of the stem, making it more fragile and prone to cracking. Instead you can create a beach waves, natural hairstyle with the help of the Volumizing Ecomousse or the Oil non oil!

5. Provide nourishment with a mask…

... like the Restructurizing Mask of the Damaged Hair range. Remember to nourish the hair sensitized by sun and salt at least once a week by applying a restoring mask. Leave it on the hair for at least 10 minutes on all lengths, and then rinse.

Like the skin, the hair also needs hydration and there is nothing like water and a good diet rich in fruit and vegetables to nourish the hair from the inside.

6. Wear a hat…

... when you walk by the sea. It will seem a banality, but wearing a bandana or a hat during sun exposure, can help to shield the hair from UV rays: at the end of the summer they will be much less ruined!

And now…just relax and enjoy your holidays! 

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