Mantra for Curly Hair

Raise your hand if you have thick, curly hair and are satisfied with the products you are using and the result you get. This article is dedicated to you, curly-haired gals, often misunderstood and ill-advised customers: we want to take care of your “crown”. 
Let’s start with saying that the term “curly hair” actually embraces different types of hair, which need extremely different products. What are the steps to follow in your daily routine to enhance both the shape and texture of waves and ringlets? What are the most suitable products for this type of hair? 
The key word is to hydrate: never give up on conditioners or masks, but it is also important to nourish the hair with specific sprays, avoiding alcohol-based formulations. 
Another recommended technique to obtain perfect curls is to apply styling products on very wet hair. Indeed, curls form during drying, so the slower the drying is, the better. 
Choosing the right product based on the type of curly hair is not easy, but neither impossible. 
A light product such as InSIGHT Styling Oil non Oil is the ideal solution for those with soft curls or for those who want to obtain a natural-looking style.
Indeed, thanks to its medium hold, it helps to define and shape the hair as well as to eliminate frizz. 
Medium or thick curly hair, however, requires a cream product: In this case, InSIGHT Styling Modeling cream is definitely the best choice if you are looking for a long lasting product with a strong hold, one that can sculpt and define curls. Moreover, on the days following the application, all you need to do is moisten your hair with your hands to magically reactivate the product’s modeling effect. 
Have you already tried these products? Would you like to tell us about your experience?