InTECH Smoothing System

Just a premise for the reader: this article is dedicated to everybody who has always dreamed of tamed and easy to comb hair, without that hateful frizzy effect... but has never found a satisfactory solution to this matter.

InSIGHT has decided to answer to these needs with a long-lasting professional smoothing system, which helps to improve the texture of frizzy hair, often untidy and unruly, improving its comb-ability. This treatment is also suggested for smoothing wavy hair.
InTECH - Hair Smoothing Treatment
The Smoothing treatment, available in 400 ml format, is a smoothing product with prolonged action, with an anti-frizz effect. Its formula, based on glyoxylic acid, contains the Organic Oat Extract, well-known for its nourishing action, and the Smoothing Phytocomplex based on fermented Oils of Argan, Green Tea Seeds, Camellia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Sweet almond seeds.
How to use?

  • Clean the hair with the Pre-Treatment Shampoo, then rinse. Dry the hair, to remove 50 - 70% of water.
    • Apply the Skin Protector on the neck, face and neck.
  • Shake the Smoothing Treatment before use, pour it into a plastic bowl and distribute it strand by strand, with the help of a wide-toothed comb, over the whole head.
    • Do not apply to the scalp, leaving 0,5 cm from the root.
  • Leave on for about 30 minutes, remove excess product with a towel, then blow dry the hair without rinsing. Iron each strand (max. Thickness 0,5 cm) with the ceramic plate at 170 - 210 degrees for at least 7/10 times per strand, starting from the nape. The temperature of the plate, as well as the number of passes for each strand, vary according to the type of hair:

 Hair Type Temperature Hair Straightener Steps
Thick or Resistant Hair
392° - 410° F
8 - 10 Times
Normal Hair 374 - 392° F 6 - 8 Times
Colored Hair
338° - 356° F
6 - 8 Times
Fine, Damaged or Strongly Bleached Hair
320° - 338° F
7 - 9 Times


  • Rinse thoroughly and apply a small amount of Smoothing Mask evenly, leaving it on for 2/3 minutes. Rinse, dry and finish the smooth styling with the plate.
    • Warning: the application of the disciplining treatment can cause a lightening of colored hair.

What's the Smoothing Mask?

It's a dual action formula, smoothing and nourishing, which helps to prolong the effect of the Smoothing treatment.

It gives the hair a soft and silky touch, providing the hydration and nutrition it needs. We recommend to use it immediately after the Smoothing treatment, but above all at home for the maintenance of the anti-frizz action. It contains Organic Amaranth oil and the Smoothing Phytocomplex.

How to use: apply to damp hair, leaving it for 5/10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
What are you waiting for? All you have to do now is to try the treatment at your trusted hairdresser's salon!