INSIGHT Sensitive

Sensitive Scalp, Symptoms and Causes
Like the skin of the face and body, the scalp can become acutely sensitive: this vulnerability may occur with a sensation of itching, dryness, redness or excessive reactivity to touch.

What causes this? The scalp is exposed daily to numerous factors that weaken it: pollution, stress, climatic conditions, allergies or the use of aggressive cleansers.
Gentleness for the Entire Family
We have created the Cosmos Natural certified INSIGHT SENSITIVE line for all those who suffer from hypersensitive skin or who simply need to keep their scalp healthy using gentle yet effective products. Three products formulated for the entire family (including children), dermatologically and nickel tested to guarantee maximum gentleness and skin-friendliness. 
Our formulas contain a high percentage of skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly raw materials with a low environmental impact. Let’s look at a few of them:

+ Non-ethoxylated surfactants
+ Skin-friendly thickeners
+ Gentle emollient agents
+ Plant-derived glycerine
+ Natural fragrances
+ Certified organic extracts