INSIGHT Rebalancing Scalp Exfoliating Cream

A healthy skin is necessary to obtain healthy, strong, shiny hair. Performing a scalp exfoliation can be very useful for the health and beauty of the hair: 

InSIGHT Scalp Exfoliating Cream aims to clear the scalp from dead cells, residues of technical products and impurities, reactivating the microcirculation. The lavender and sage organic extracts play a soothing and calming effect, while the andiroba scrub purifies the skin in synergy with the well-known antibacterial properties of the tea tree oil. 


- size 180 ml

A gentle exfoliating action, to prepare the skin to the following treatments.This cream-scrub is a pleasant product to use and it has several functions: the skin renewal and a purifying action, to help counteract dandruff or the excess of sebum. Suitable for all hair kind. 

How to use: apply directly on dry skin and massage for a few minutes. Rinse carefully and proceed with the following and most suitable treatment (rebalancing, anti-dandruff, loss control).