April Showers Bring May Flowers


No matter where you live in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is the rainiest season. The sudden shift from the cold winds of winter to the tepid spring air causes an increase in moisture–making months like April prone to near-constant drizzles, showers, and downpours. 

Although most of us prefer mornings filled with sunshine over afternoons taken over by rain, the rainy season is an essential step our planet takes to ensure the creation of new life. For without the rain, some of the most beautiful parts of spring and summer–flowers and fresh greenery–would never be possible. 

April showers really do bring May flowers. Here’s how to take the next month to prepare for your very own garden oasis.  


The April days spent indoors hiding from the rain are the perfect time to make garden plans. If you already have a garden, this may mean looking at getting your space ready for a new round of plants or making lists of the materials you need to do so. 

For those just starting their garden, this is the time to take a look at your space and draw out plans for what you want your garden to look like. Where has the earth already provided you with soft soil, perfect for planting? How about an area for plants that need lots of sunlight? Is there a corner where shade-loving plants might thrive? What tools and resources do you need to make your plans a reality? 

All of this is essential before moving on to the fun part–choosing your flowers. 


Before the weather takes a turn for the best and it's finally time to break out your trowel and sun hat, make a list of all the flowers and plants you want to grow in your garden. 

Here’s a little inspiration from INSIGHT on the best flowers to plant in spring. 


By far one of the easiest flowers to find, plant, and take care of, the beautiful array of colors pansies come in are a perfect starter plant for anyone new to gardening. 


Pollinators, rejoice. After spring’s final frost, plant honeysuckle in your garden. It will grow into beautiful vines, the flowers from which attract bees, butterflies, and more.  


Bold and beautiful things can start in small, blue packages. If you’re looking for a gorgeous flower that is easy to plant in spring, give hydrangeas a try. This resilient perennial will keep coming back until you have yourself a grand hydrangea bush guarding your walkway 



Perfect for planting in early spring, these pink flowers brighten up any garden. The best part? They are known for attracting bees. Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and planting flowers that attract them is becoming increasingly important for their survival. Doing so will have your garden quite literally buzzing with life.   



What better plant to offer that flowerbed, cottage core look than sedum?  Blooming in late summer, sedum is best to plant in spring and will offer glorious groundcover and filler to any garden. Not to mention, it comes in multiple varieties to give your garden grove an eclectic look.