Carbon Neutral

We Are a Carbon Neutral Company!

Eley, as a manufacturing company, has recently obtained ISO 14064 Certification (GHG - Greenhouse Gas Emissions), becoming a Carbon Neutral Company.

The ISO 14064 standard is composed of a family of standards aimed at the assessment, management and certification of greenhouse gas emissions by organizations. This certification gives us the opportunity to keep the so-called Greenhouse Gases under control, which normally all organizations emit (even living beings are small emitters of greenhouse gases) and to put on track projects to reduce or cancel them. especially in emerging countries.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is a measure that expresses in CO2, the total greenhouse gas emissions emitted during the life cycle phases of a product (creation / transformation / production / transport / consumption / end of life), calculating its polluting impact .

This milestone was achieved through a combination of targeted actions aimed at improving the processes, lifestyle and energy sources we use with a view to eco-sustainability.

We have chosen to use 100% renewable energies obtained from photovoltaic panels and clean energy projects for our business and production activities to fully reduce and offset CO2 emissions.

The Compensation Projects 

Waste HEAP Ukraine
Ukraine ranks 1st in Europe and 8th in the world for geological reserves of hard coal. This production has been carried out mainly, for almost 300 years, through mines. In the Donetsk basin there is one of the largest coal deposits in the world. The first project that our company has chosen to support is the redevelopment of the Ukrainian region of Donbass.

The result of continuous mining from coal mines is the formation of coal rock deposits - called mounds. These mounds can lead to fire phenomena with subsequent smoke propagation thus violating the environmental and economic balance of the Donbass mining areas, causing an altered ecological situation, which affects the state of the atmosphere, soil, water, bringing enormous damage to human health and life as well as that of animals and plants.

The project we support involves a complete dismantling of the landfill of "Azovtreyd" Ltd. During the dismantling of the landfill, the rock mass will be removed with special equipment for further processing with the aim of obtaining pure coal destined for boilers, which can then be used as fuel . Therefore, the landfill rock mass will be completely converted back into coal.

The aim of the project is to eliminate the phenomena of self-combustion in the landfill and to obtain additional coal from the residues of its extraction.

Specifically, we have given our contribution in:

  • Ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
  • Take urgent measures to combat climate change and its consequences
  • Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development
  • Halt and reverse soil degradation and halt the loss of biodiversity

A Greener India
The second project that Eley and consequently Insight has chosen to support in offsetting its carbon footprint is the construction of a greener India through the use of innovative and sustainable products.

The offsetting of carbon emissions took the form of collaboration with an Indian agri-food company, leader in the sustainable production of palm oil, in this second project.

This project consists in the sponsorship of the purchase of a generator, which allows the management of waste from the shell and bunches of palm fruits, allowing the obtaining of steam and electricity to be used in the same production plants for processing the Palm tree. In this way, the farm uses the energy obtained from the so-called biomasses to meet its energy needs and reduce dependence on imports.

The plant helps to conserve local resources, reduce pressure on the environment and ensure better health for the population.

Palm oil, used as a raw material in the food and cosmetics sector, therefore has a sustainable management and processing.

The company also adopts virtuous behavior in support of the local community, as 100% of employees come from the area in which the company is located. The company offers its employees a medical benefit program with hospitalization support, health insurance, living allowance, and guarantees part-time work for women after maternity.

Employees can also benefit from a scholarship for up to one child. The company offers continuous skills upgrading and learning opportunities through structured career discussions and individual development plans.

By supporting this project, Eley and Insight contributed to the achievement of the following UN objectives for obtaining a better future:

  • End poverty in all its forms, everywhere
  • End hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Ensure inclusive education for all and promote fair and quality lifelong learning opportunities
  • Ensure the availability of accessible, reliable, sustainable and modern energy services for all
  • Promoting inclusive, sustained and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
  • Build solid infrastructures, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

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